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Would you like to save money on your heating and cooling bills?

Our damper fan insert fan assembly will save money on your heating and cooling bills for the most common Broan and NuTone ventilation fans. The damper feature in our products prevent losing heat during the winter and keep out humidity in the summer when central air is being used. Most or our customers have told us that our products have reduce their annual utility bills around ten percent. Our products do save more money in summer when central air is being used. For homes in a hot and humid location, the savings will be higher! Payback for the product(s) is normally less than a year. Any energy saving Air Sealing project is not complete if you do not address your bathroom ventilation fans with our products.

This product is a replacement fan assembly for very common bathroom ventilation fans that is proudly assembled and Made in the USA

To see how the damper feature works, move your mouse over the fan assembly image below. This true damper feature is patented and why our fan inserts will reduce your utility bills. Basically we use the electric motor as a solenoid (first US Patent) and designed our blower wheel to provide additional lift (second US Patent). If you have a cold draft from your current fan, this is the solution you need.

If you’re thinking this is to good to be true, or want an idea on how much our products will save you, do the following to prove it to yourself!

You can test our damper concept yourself. Remove the bathroom fan grill, remove the motor and fan assembly, and block the exhaust vent opening with a towel or rag for as long as you like to see how much less your central air or furnace does not run and compare to what it normally does. Any back draft device that mounts in the vent line or at the outlet, is downstream of the fan, and will collect dust, lint, hair… and over time will clog up and fail. Our blower wheel serves as our damper valve, so when the fan is turned off, the blower wheel drops down on the fix part of the damper still spinning. This action makes our design self-cleaning and should never clog up!


This product was designed to fit into the ventilation fan housings produced by the Broan and NuTone brands. The intent of this product is to close one or more of the biggest air leaks a home has. Along with reducing the amount of energy used for heating and cooling by the simple addition of the damper feature, while retaining the original ventilation purpose. It was also designed for easy and quick installation by the homeowner from inside the home, with no need to get into the attic or the space above the fan. Another benefit to reusing the existing housing is the homeowner does not have to remove the existing housing, install a new housing, and do any work rerouting of the electrical wiring or exhaust ducting. This product really saves the most when air conditioning is being used!

Whole Fan Assembly is Available

We can provide information on how to have a complete fan assembly for those who don’t have the the proper housing. Please contact us at for more details.